Finally a way to help your patients take control of their metabolism

Add Lumen to your weight loss and wellness programs and clinically monitor progress for optimal results.

Dr. Mark Hyman
Lumen Device

A turnkey metabolic platform to improved health outcomes

body weight lost monthly

in first 12 months

improvement in metabolic

efficiency in first 6 months


in nutrition knowledge

Greater insight into patients’ health to enhance your holistic wellness programs

  • Gain access to your patients’ real-time metabolic data
  • See how lifestyle factors such as activity, sleep and fasting affect patient metabolism
  • Remotely monitor patient progress with their personalized Lumen nutrition program
  • Utilize Lumen data to make adjustments between visits to optimize results
Bring Lumen To Your Patients

The Gold standard of personal metabolism tracking

Lumen is scientifically proven to meet the gold standard of metabolism measurement (RER) in multiple validation studies.

Lumen device

The missing link to personalize your programs

Lumen provides patients with immediate feedback on their nutrition & lifestyle choices and insight on what to do next

Support and Training for your Practice

When you add Lumen to your patient experience, you’ll receive:

icon support Expert support from our team
icon training Training modules for your practice on how Lumen works and how to interpret Lumen data
icon dashboard Web-based dashboards to monitor real-time patient data
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Bring Lumen Metabolic Technology To Your Practice

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