We all want to give ourselves the best chance of fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions, especially when it comes to our fitness and health. But not all resolutions are created equal. Whether it be joining a gym, signing up to run a marathon or committing to a charity bike ride, lots of people like the idea of telling themselves that the New Year will bring new motivation to achieving their own fitness goals. However, sadly for many, creating the resolution is the easy part, implementing the resolution is another story. So how do you pick a resolution that will stick? 

According to inc.com, the majority of new year’s resolutions are broken by mid-February. They also suggest that 80 percent of us will fail to achieve our New Year’s resolutions. This evidence clearly shows that people need help with their “new year, new me” promises. But don’t despair! Today there are plenty of tools available to help you manage your fitness goals for the New Year. This article highlights 5 resolutions that aren’t losing weight, that can help you with reach your goals and navigate your new year fitness challenges.  

Adopt a Daily Meal Plan

One of the most important aspects of maintaining strong health and fitness levels is by having a daily meal plan. Knowing your optimal calorie count, protein, sugar, salt, and carb levels is very important when trying to have a healthy balanced diet. There are numerous apps that assist with following a daily meal plan, or simply tracking food. For tracking what you eat, a great app is MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal is an integrated diet app that provides access to all the nutritional information for the food and drink that you consume daily. This application can be accessed on IOS or Android and has free or paid versions. 

Using the app is very straightforward. Firstly, enter in your correct body information (weight, height, etc) and then enter all the food and drink that you consumed for each day.

Essentially, this app enables you to keep a daily food diary as well as give you the nutritional breakdown of the food you consume and how this relates to your daily calorie intake.

Another app that can help you put it all together is Lumen, which measures your metabolism in a single breath each morning, and then based on your goals, provides personalized nutrition for each day.

Start Tracking Your Exercise

Tracking your daily exercise can be a great way to stay informed about your physical activity – ensuring you are aware of all the key statistics and how your activity relates to achieving particular fitness milestones. Additionally, it can help you stay on track with building a healthier you in 2020 by doing more than just a diet. Strava is one of the leading applications for tracking your exercise today.

No matter whether you enjoy running, cycling, rowing or other fitness activity, this app can easily track your exercise and give you real-time data on crucial stats such as distance and heart rate. One of the best features of the Strava app is how easy it is to share your exercise with friends or family, as well as social media, to help keep you accountable. It also works great as a complimentary app to metabolic trackers like Lumen which provide metabolic insights surrounding workouts as well as personalized daily nutrition.

Track Your Weight…and the Rest of Your Health Too

Tracking your weight and other health measures is vital in knowing how your health and fitness activity relates to areas of physical development. 

FollowMyHealth is an easy-to-use health application where you can monitor your key health milestones, track progress, message your doctor and request further medicine if required. It’s also one of the easiest ways to track your weight with the guidance of medical professionals. This application is available on IOS and Android. Of course, Google Fit and Apple Health are both excellent options for alternative apps. They assist in tracking various health factors, are free of change, and pair with many other devices like Lumen.

Track and Hack Your Metabolism

Tracking and understanding your metabolism is a crucial element to monitoring your overall health and fitness levels. 

Despite many suggesting that your metabolism is out of your control, it’s not. Modern day research shows the importance of your diet, sleep, and other factors within your control in improving your metabolism.

Lumen is an application which has cutting edge technology that brings metabolic measurement out of the hospital or clinic and into the comfort of your own home, and then provides personalized nutrition based on your metabolic data. 

The app works by first measuring your metabolism by measuring the CO2 concentration in your breath. From this measurement, the app provides you with a personalized nutrition plan and guidance for exercise and sleep, to give you the best chance of achieving your fitness goals. 

Because of the access to metabolic data, Lumen is one of the best personal nutrition apps you can use today. Every metabolism operates differently, shouldn’t every diet as well? Lumen provides a library of meal recommendations for those wanting daily nutrition that is tailored to their needs and their metabolism. Lumen is available on IOS and Android.

Hopefully, this brief article has given you some ideas on some of the best ways to maintain your New Year’s resolutions over time.

To improve the chances of you fulfilling your New Year’s resolution, seeking the free or paid assistance of an app may just be the missing piece you need to succeed! 

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