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A collection of Lumen's research and case studies.

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Can Lumen Really Measure Metabolism?

External and independent studies conducted at top institutions conclude that the Lumen device’s ability to accurately measure the…
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Working Out Your Metabolism

We exercise for a number of reasons: to build muscle, lose weight, reduce stress, or maybe even to…
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7 Holiday Treats to Watch Out For

The holiday season comes with seemingly endless parties, dinners, and brunches that involve decadent main courses, sugary beverages…
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The Key To Dieting: Behavioral Change

One third of Americans are on a diet right now. We’re trying to get “healthier,” but why isn’t it working? It’s not for lack of trying, but the most popular approaches aren’t cutting (literally) the pounds.
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The Psychology of Mindless Eating

The average person makes 200 food related decisions every day, most of them subconscious. That’s one every 7 minutes! Mindless eating is the fastest way to derail your diet and nutrition goals.